June 29, 2015

Screen Shot 2015-06-29 at 4.03.40 PMIf you’re a girl in this world (or boy) people love to pass judgment on your sexuality. Especially if you work in the entertainment industry. My first month working in morning radio I was labeled the “23-year old virgin” and my personal life exploited accordingly. I was expected to be naive, not smart. Clueless, not confident. Everyone had an opinion on my sexuality and what I should be doing with it. Date him. Have sex already. Wait for marriage. Give up spinster. My skin grew from paper thin to George R. R. Martin installment thick. At times words stung but I still appreciated every listener contribution. It was a job, it was entertainment, it made people laugh and it wasn’t entirely real.

Now imagine that was your reality. Not your work but your everyday life. Listening to strangers weigh in on your sexuality, label you, judge you, tell you who to love, who to have sex with, who to marry and grow old with. Years of being told you should be someone different – that you should change. Would you be able to face opposition like that and still remain confident in who you are? There are incredibly brave people that do.

No one should have to battle though. I want my kids to inherit a world where judgment is voiceless. Where girls aren’t reduced to stereotypes on the FM dial. It’s a future where assumption and prejudice have been hushed to library silence, and they can wander through the book stacks, holding hands with whoever they please.

Marriage equality is a reason to celebrate. Inclusion and love are occasions to exult.



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