November 11, 2015

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One of the benefits of being your own boss? Well… boss/employee/temp worker/janitor/etc. At the drop of hat, you can take a vacation. There’s no paperwork to file. No human resources to report to. Unless you count your family group text message thread.

Mom & Pop: Heading out on three week road trip to Austin City Limits Music Festival! I promise to avoid areas with a high concentration of kidnappings and/or bear attacks, and to return with all (okay most) major organs. I’ll also buy you postcards and forget to send them.

It’s easy to get comfortable with our daily routine. Kind of like riding the Peter Pan attraction at Disneyland on repeat. Sure it’s predictable, but it provides just enough excitement to prevent our deviation. Monotony is not an objection but a comfort to riders, and years might pass before we realize we’ve been circling the same tracks. Not even Michael Jackson spent that much time in Neverland.

I’ll be the first to admit I enjoy my day-to-day, week-to-week ride. It’s comfortable. It’s fun. There’s a terrifying amount of uncertainty involved with disembarking. Will it inconvenience me to try something new? Be expensive? A long wait? Finally, will I be tall enough/brave enough/have a strong enough stomach to ride that ride? It might be daunting, but at some point you have to unbuckle your seat belt and signal for a stop. Otherwise you’ll never find your Splash Mountain.

I was convinced mine was waiting for me at the Austin City Limits Music Festival in Texas this year. Be an adventurer, I told myself. A road warrior, a wanderer, a modern-day gypsy that showers. Road trip there! Practical advice and concern be damned. Irresponsibly meager planning is more than sufficient. And just like that I was off on a three-week, 12-state, 6,000 mile solo adventure.

The result was equal parts terrifying and rewarding, but entirely unforgettable.

That’s how life should be, right? Like your first time riding Splash Mountain in the front row.


Recaps from the road to come.



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  • Reply Kathryn November 12, 2015 at 3:34 pm

    What? Where are you going??? Why don’t you tell me these things??? Tú madre

    • Reply Lydia November 13, 2015 at 12:19 am

      You’re the greatest.

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